Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Road Map-Guideline

Define Phase

Why this Project ? – Business Case

Project Charter

SIPOC – to find process scope and inputs

CTQ’s identification – to come down from Macro to micro objectives – CTQ’s have to be specific and measurable.

Create CTQ specification table – CTQ operational definition of measure – Specifications / defect definition – Kano status

Measure Phase

Prioritization Matrix Or FMEA to identify critical inputs / process variables for data collection

Data collection plan

Gauge R & R for the people measuring a characteristic with an instrument

Data type – Continuos data / Discrete data

For continuos data – individual control chart to identify special causes if any – can you explain and contain those special causes if yes delete the out of control points and re – calculate the limits. If you can’t explain then live with those out of control situations

Test for normality – basic statistics – display descriptive statistics – Graphical summary – P-value <>

Calculate sigma rating from your book after finding total PPM (from overall expected performance – for normal data – from overall observed performance for non – normal data)

For discrete data calculate defects per million opportunities (we recommend you to take number of opportunities as 1)


Process analysis – activity flow chart – value added and non – value added activities

Deployment flow chart (where it involves other departments)

Cause and effect diagram / fish bone diagram – done through brain storming for each CTC

Validation of the causes – through Gemba investigation – data analysis (hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, regression analysis)

Mostly for manufacturing cases doing design of experiments


How to implement the solutions – solution prioritization matrix – cost benefit analysis – Piloting – FMEA of the improved process (risk analysis of the suggested solution)

Implementation planning – resource, time and involvement of stakeholders

Check, Control, Standardize and Close

How to evaluate benefits/ results

Check before and after through individuals control chart, histogram, time series plot, dot plot (for continuous data) and Pareto chart (for discrete data).

Decorate the presentation in an innovative manner (don’t stress on presentation if your results are not good).

Always evaluate sigma levels before and after. There could be an improvement without meeting the target. Explain what needs to be done. Take it up as a next project or give it to someone else.

QC process chart – control plan

Standardization/ Documentation of standardized method

Project Documentation and hand over

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